Brenda Osborne


Portrait of Pru

This painting is titled “Portrait of Pru” (26″ x 24″). Her real name is Prudence. She is a great high energy rescue dog, and a massive handful for Danny and Bri. The painting depicts her at a very restful, sober moment, which may not exist in her reality. She is like your child that will never hold still for a photo. So… did I mention invention? I am currently frame challenged, with… Read More

Apple of My Eye by Brenda Osborne

“Apple of My Eye” is something or someone you cherish. I just love our local waterways and our clouds. This depicts the Choctawhatchee Bay close to LaGrange Bayou. Oh… did you see the apple? It looks like you could pick it right off the canvas and eat it. Yum! Acrylic on cradled board.  12×12 framed Current Location: Emerald Coast Theatre Company, art show during the run of the play “Almost Maine”. Come enjoy… Read More

“He Plays for Her” is part of a set of 2 paintings. “Dancing Lady” – 50″x 22″ Current location: Somewhere Along the Way Gallery, Micanopy, FL  

I created this piece for the Celebrate the Master show that will be held at the Chautauqua Center of NWF State College in DeFuniak Springs, FL. We were asked to copy or create a painting in a style of a master artist. I had no idea which artist to choose, then I noticed a sticky note on the window in my studio with the name Jawlensky written on it. So, I went… Read More

Oh No! Watch out for the Hummingbird. Just when you think you are surfing thru life in your little bubble, someone wants to burst it! Not done with this one yet. Still have some details to perfect, because it must be perfect PerFect PERFECT.  So, how do you make imagination perfect? Hmmm?? My mom taught me how to sew and I had to make most of my own clothes. She made me sew perfect… Read More

I love this little hummingbird. I was inspired to do this series by the hummingbirds outside of my studio window. They are so colorful and full of life. One day I will do more of these. I have several ideas/themes to work on, just need the time.

Pretty Pink Lady

Oh there is a story behind “Miss Snippy”. Someday I will edit this post and add. Let’s just say that someone thought I was snippy and I never let them forget it (in a humorous way of course).

This heron was done almost completely with a pallet knife. Great piece to experiment with the pallet knife and spreading color.

This was a quick painting. I had some paint left over from another project so I quickly did this nude.   Current Location: Waterside Studios