Poppy Surfing thru the Purple Haze…

Oh No! Watch out for the Hummingbird. Just when you think you are surfing thru life in your little bubble, someone wants to burst it!

Not done with this one yet. Still have some details to perfect, because it must be perfect PerFect PERFECT.  So, how do you make imagination perfect? Hmmm?? My mom taught me how to sew and I had to make most of my own clothes. She made me sew perfect or I had to rip out the stitches and start over. Maybe this is why I usually want to stop just short of being finished with anything due to fear of it being wrong and needing to start over. I could call this painting done now, but am driven once again to perfection.

Did you know that the reflections in bubbles are not the same as reflections in a drop of water. Also, bubble reflections are full of the color of the rainbow, water is the color of its surroundings. At least this is how I see it.

I need a good artist name to sign this one with. My friend Bill Siemon used to call Me To Loose to Trek. That sounds good.

Current Location: Sold

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