About Me

My art reflects my living experiences. I am a “Florida Girl” who grew up exploring the beaches and sand dunes of North Florida and swimming in the cool springs and rivers. My mother was an artist who immersed myself and my sisters in art projects from the day we could walk. My father was a naturalist believing in conservation of Florida lands. He always had the family on camping trips to remote parts of the state where we experienced first-hand the unique wild flora and fauna that inhabit this beautiful state. These youthful adventures indelibly stamped on me an undying love for art and my home state.

Why I paint… “Light and how light impacts my day has always fascinated me. I have a tendency to stop and look at vistas that have interesting lighting, particularly at sunrise and sunset. I often find myself asking, how that image and color can be recreated or captured. This question has led me down the path of creating Southern landscape paintings, always attempting to capture that special moment”.

My abstract paintings are the fun side of my art. I love to experiment with color, form and brush strokes in a free manner without over thinking the painting. These abstracts are colorful, active pieces that I hope make you think, question why, or put a smile on your face.



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