Brenda Osborne


Oh my, I have fallen head of heels in love. My fluffy puppy is a bundle of joy. 10×10 gallery wrap. Oil$150

Well, there he is in all of his mighty sweetness. Chasing squirels by day and later licking anyone close enough for some loving. He is living a charmed life thanks to his daddy that rescued him from his previous life.

Portrait of Pru

This painting is titled “Portrait of Pru” (26″ x 24″). Her real name is Prudence. She is a great high energy rescue dog, and a massive handful for Danny and Bri. The painting depicts her at a very restful, sober moment, which may not exist in her reality. She is like your child that will never hold still for a photo. So… did I mention invention? I am currently frame challenged, with… Read More