Brenda Osborne


Vanishing Point acrylic painting by Brenda Osborne

Vanishing Point””┬áis a studio version of a plein air piece I did while passing thru St Marks Florida. The levees in the marshes at the wildlife preserve go for miles and offer much wildlife and natural beauty to enjoy. I had a 10 foot gator visit me the day I was there. Yikes! I never saw him until a passerby pointed him out. He had climbed up on the beach behind me.

Chery Dawn

This wonderful fishing boat docks at the mouth of Mallet Bayou in Freeport, Florida. I have sailed past it many times and admired the well kept condition and beautiful color of this boat. A friend saw the painting and told me her name is “Cherry Dawn”.   Current Location: Trinity Massage and Bodyworks

Today, I am working on a Baby Face commission. What Joy! Working with beautiful baby pictures and designing an image that will have personal meaning to a grandfather. Shhh! it is a surprise. Also, I am fishing off my dock – last night something took my bait and ran out ALL of my line until the reel was empty and the line broke. Yikes! It must have been something large! Later today,… Read More