Painting, fishing and sailing

Today, I am working on a Baby Face commission. What Joy! Working with beautiful baby pictures and designing an image that will have personal meaning to a grandfather. Shhh! it is a surprise.

Also, I am fishing off my dock – last night something took my bait and ran out ALL of my line until the reel was empty and the line broke. Yikes! It must have been something large!

Later today, I will be sailing in the bay. My hope is I can catch the North Wind going out and as the wind shifts to the South, I will have an easy downwind run back home. Wish me luck since I have to be back by 3p to get to our evening party at the marina.

Grandmothers sprinkle Stardust over Children's lives

Grandmothers sprinkle Stardust over Children’s lives. This is a Baby Face I did recently for a friend. This is her granddaughter.

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