Brenda Osborne


May 1st we started heading back home.

Mallet Bayou – My backyard

Sunrise as we were leaving Boot Key Harbor, Marathon

The Keys are warm and balmy and very casual. It is nice to be spending some time relaxing and not moving to new locations. I feel like my brain is taking some time to process where we have been and are going. It can be unsettling to always be on the move without some sense of continuity. Cruising on a boat is different than RV cruising. There are more variables that you… Read More

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These small sailboats are called lasers. I created this piece for the One Size Fits All show in Santa Rosa Beach.

Today, I am working on a Baby Face commission. What Joy! Working with beautiful baby pictures and designing an image that will have personal meaning to a grandfather. Shhh! it is a surprise. Also, I am fishing off my dock – last night something took my bait and ran out ALL of my line until the reel was empty and the line broke. Yikes! It must have been something large! Later today,… Read More