Settled in the Starting Gate ready to GO!

Wind, wind and more wind. Too much of a good thing. Anxious cruisers are making last minute preparations just in case a weather window opens to move on. We are lined up like horses at a starting gate nervously awaiting the bell.

March 8, Wed

The highlight of my day – Yoga. Then a walk to burn off some of my nervous energy.

March 9-11

Preparations to leave continue.

Dinghy motor pull cord shredded and was replaced. Diesel Don was kind enough to help Luke with this.

Saturday evening we attended the Marathon Seafood Festival with Will and Sonia off of Allora. Sonia and I bought a few Turkish towels, then we all got our fill of seafood. It was a pleasant evening spent with friends before we go our separate ways. Will and Sonia are leaving Monday going to Ft Laud before heading to the Bahamas. Scout (Beth and Stan) will be connecting with them in Ft Laud for the crossing. At the end of the evening we said “see you laters” and returned to our boats.

The boating community is actually somewhat small and you always run into someone you met along the way. The community is extremely helpful and giving. At some point we all need assistance, none of us can cruise along in a bubble without a helping hand.

We will miss our friends from Boot Key Harbor, but we know that we will see them somewhere along the way.

Boat Chaser

Storm following us out of Boot Key

March 13-14, Departing Boot Key Harbor heading for West Palm Beach

We are off and running! The Gulf looked like a sailboat interstate as we all left Boot Key.

It was a glorious morning and perfect weather for sailing. The sunrise was incredible. We pulled up anchor at about 7:30a and arrived at West Palm 24 hours later. Since we had arrived earlier than expected, we decided to continue up the ICW to Stuart and find a marina. We tucked into Loggerhead Marina. By the time we got to the marina, we were exhausted, but never too tired for a  good hot shower!

This passage was my first experience in the Gulf Stream. Oh My! The swells were like rolling hills, you walk up one side then slide down the other. Very interesting. The current in the stream increased our speed by a few knots. We were traveling at 8.5knts, much faster than our usual 5.

Deep Blue Sea

The incredible color of The Deep Blue Sea – 500 Feet deep

March 15 – Stuart – Loggerhead Marina

John and Anita, our friends from Canada, had just returned from the Bahamas. They are storing their boat in Indiantown and were close enough for a visit. They came to Stuart and we went out to Giuseppe’s. It was a pleasant evening and visit with friends.

March 16 – Stuart – Loggerhead Marina

Laundry and chore day. Later Tom and Linda Thomas came for a visit. We had a great time catching up on friends and family. We ate at the marina, which is exceptionally good.

March 17-20 – Traveling north

We continued our journey north through the ICW. Anchored in Ft Pierce along with Living Live and Tranquility, two families from Canada,sailing the Great Loop. The next two nights we stayed at Coconut Point, 20 miles south of Cocoa. We stayed two night due to the high winds.

We started getting air bubbles in our fuel filter, so we spent some time replacing o-rings and filters. No change still getting bubbles. So, I would think who cares about a few little bubbles. WELL… the engine does. Good lord, the engine dies or at least revs down significantly. Usually not a big problem as long as another boat is not passing you or you are going through a bridge. Unlike a car, if the engine dies you soon lose the ability to steer the boat and you will drift with the wind, waves and current.

We decided to press on to Titusville. We made it safely, however, the engine did die on us a few times.

Titusville Municipal Marina is a tidy, well run operation. We will enjoy our stay here.

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