Catch Up Time

I seem to always be behind with my posts. The days just slip away. I am going to keep this short and catch up to current day. (maybe not so short) Ha ha

March 20 thru April 18 – Titusville Municipal Marina

We arrived in Titusville after a few days at anchor. We have been having engine troubles so decided to stop here for repairs. Also, I am due for a dental implant so I decided to have that scheduled while at this marina.

After researching dental surgeons with the help of my sister, Anita, I chose Christopher Williams. This process required 4 visits over a month. He usually does more followup but we are leaving town. Excellent surgeon and staff. If you ever need any dental surgery, contact his office.

I am a total scaredy-cat when it comes to dental work. I had all of the work done with only local anesthesia. Dr Williams and his staff were very compassionate and understanding, they also arranged my schedule so we could leave town sooner. Dr Williams provided me with a letter of explanation and all x-rays that I could take to another dentist when I get the final crown attached. Excellent and professional all the way.

Anita Webb, my sister, lent us her car while we are in Titusville. This allowed us to go to the dentist and explore the area for future relocation. Most generous!

Anita asked if I would paint over the paintings she has in her family room. I accepted the challenge. I finished one, which we named Land Ho. This is the image of our first sighting of the keys as we crossed the Florida Bay.

While I am spending time in Orlando, Luke is busy repairing the engine, replacing the muffler and hoses and taking all of the required education courses to maintain his insurance adjusters license. It was a very busy month for both of us.

Ozzy is back with us now and is adjusting well to marina life. He barks a lot and loud at anyone one or dog that he has not met before. We have a squirt bottle we use on him if he does not stop. He was somewhat wet the first few days.

We had family dinners and all went sailing. It was great to have everyone together.

We will be heading north soon. I have decided that I will remain extremely flexible on our future schedule. Our plan changes daily with the wind and life’s requirements. So, we never know when or where we will be. It is an interesting lifestyle.

More mañana…  ;D

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