Brenda Osborne


A little scene from along the road in Freeport, Florida. This is a larger version of one I had done several months ago. It is also brighter. When doing a painting again, it is interesting to see how I choose to paint it and the colors used. Even though it is the same scene, they are different. Current Location:  Somewhere Along the Way Gallery, Micanopy, Florida

This is “After The Rain”. The afternoon rain has just passed. The sun is starting to peak out making the grass bright green in contrast to the dark clouds. The image on the left is where I started with this painting, laying out the basic colors. I like the violet clouds. I might do another one with violet. Oh, the color possibilities are endless. It is so hard to choose.   I… Read More

Just a little peaceful pasture and field. As I was traveling south on 331 to Freeport, the clouds were amazing so I pulled into an undeveloped development. One of those started in the early 2000’s and never made it thru the real estate crash. Anyway, there are all of these nice roads with rolling hills and fencing. These make a nice foreground for the clouds. So, I took a few photos and really… Read More