Brenda Osborne


This is another rendition of “Pines of 20”.¬† I was trying to create mist in the distance. Current Location: Waterside Studios

Standing on my dock looking west, this is what you see. This was my first and only plein air piece. I use acrylics, so standing on a dock in full sun made for quick work. The paint dried almost immediately so I used a palette knife for the majority of the piece to get some quick color down. This piece¬†was shown at the “One Size Fits All” Show in Santa Rosa Beach,… Read More

This was my first landscape painting. I created it August 2013 for the One Size Fits All art show in Santa Rosa Beach. It is 10×10 on a board panel. I struggled with clouds, trees and water, painting 4 or five renditions of this image until I had something I liked. I learned a lot doing this painting. It currently resides with a friend who has become one of my collectors.