Brenda Osborne


Starting my day thinking about flowers. I am taking an online class for painting luminous flowers. Starting at the beginning just trying to draw one that is not too flat looking. This will take some practice to learn how to SEE the actual shadows/shapes. My brain gets in the way and thinks it knows what it sees. But it is wrong. I need more mind control or less. Ha! Probably if I… Read More

Where have you gone? Sometimes you just feel like you are missing something or someone. It is one of those days.

One of my favorite drawings that I did on my front porch in Micanopy (those were the days my friends…). I call it “Determination”. Some people mistake that look as anger or aggression. I see it as a man determined to push forward and get what he wants. Photo quality is not very good. I will take another one someday and replace.  🙂   Current Location: Waterside  Studios

I took a break (again) from my apple quest. I am working on a commission piece that just has me in a creative slump. So…… I did this quick “Adam and Eve” charcoal/pastel drawing. It was fun and considering It was sort of dark in the room the colors did not turn out too shabby.

I took a few days off from apples. Now I am back and BIG. This apple is about 15 inches tall. The actual apple is sitting in the bottom left. My apple #4 is next to that. #4 was the smallest and not previously posted. I loved doing this large apple. Time wise it took about the same time doing the large with charcoal as it did the small with pencil. You… Read More