The BIG Apple #6, #4 and Micanopy

I took a few days off from apples. Now I am back and BIG. This apple is about 15 inches tall. The actual apple is sitting in the bottom left. My apple #4 is next to that. #4 was the smallest and not previously posted. I loved doing this large apple. Time wise it took about the same time doing the large with charcoal as it did the small with pencil. You get so much more coverage quickly with charcoal and you get to smear it around with your fingers. What is art if you do not get some on you once in awhile? I am still working thru the Will Kemp Light and Shadow course, soon I will progress to the next step, maybe we draw a coffee cup or something…? 🙂

! hope everyone had an eventful Halloween.

My previous hometown, Micanopy, FL, is having their Fall Festival this weekend. Well worth going if you are in that area. Micanopy is a wonderful place to visit and an even better place to live. BTW, we do have a house for sale there two blocks from downtown. If you are interested in living in a storybook town complete with an old fashioned 4th of July parade and fireworks, Santa comes to town on a hay wagon and everybody knows your name, contact Joe Still, at Watson.

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