My Head has a Diaper

(I forgot to post this. It is out of order.)

In the marine world the toilet is more commonly known as the head. Mine has a diaper due to a fresh water leak. I wrap doggy pee pads around the head base and pump. The diapers need to be changed a couple times a day. Luke is working on this issue and has ordered parts. A dry head in is our future. It is great to have a handi husband!

Speaking of handi, he just replaced our battery charger for a more powerful unit. Now our batteries will have a full charge most of the time.

Life on the mooring ball is easy breezy. No worries about wind waves or local yahoos cutting your anchor line. No huge wakes and no bugs. We also have a front row seat to the sunrise and sunset. We are one mile from Publix, Winn Dixie, Kmart, and West Marine. Our feet and our bikes are all we need to get around. Taxis are $5 to go anywhere on the island. The weather is mostly balmy and warm. We can participate in yoga classes, bocce ball, softball, dominos and more. This is a nice community of boaters that we will not forget.

Please look closely at the top photo. The clouds are actually deep blue on the bottom.

Feb 21, Tuesday

Played dominos at the marina cruisers lounge. This is a regular event, every Tuesday. I took this opportunity to quiz the other ladies on their boating experiences.

Parking Lot

Parking Lot at Boot Key Marina

Feb 22, Wednesday

Weather is sucky, high winds and rain. I was devastated when it was announced on the Cruiser’s Net that yoga class was cancelled. I actually started to cry. Not sure why. We read books for the whole day. Went to the marina at that end of the day for water.

Feb 23 Thursday

Luke biked to the dentist today. A crown had fallen off and fortunately he did not swallow it. The dentist was unable to do anything for the tooth, it will have to be pulled. That will be another day. He also went to the fancy bike shop and got a rack for his bike. OMG there is a whole story behind the bike rack. I will let me tell that story when he sees you.

I am working on concepts for my “Weather Window” series of paintings. I want to have the perspective correct before I start to paint. A weather window is what every boater is waiting for so they can cross a body of water safely and quickly. Wind speed, wind direction, wave height, travel time, etc all play into the decision to move to another location. Many boaters come to the keys to visit and then wait for their weather window to go to either the Bahamas or Cuba. Just like sex, some like their window hot and rough and some like it cool and soft…

Green clouds

Green Clouds Over Harbor

Feb 24, Friday

The generator is now fixed, $650 later.


Tiki Hut

I took my painting equipment to the small tiki hut at the marina. It is very secluded and a perfect spot to paint. I completed one painting of a small dinghy tied to a post. I am getting better at plein air painting. I just need to get over being shy about painting in public. Luke worked with the repair guy to get the generator running. Now we have a/c, hot water and I can use my electric appliances.

Feb 25

Great day. Luke and I went to the marina for the flea market. Then we went sailing. After sailing we went to the marina for showers and then out to dinner. It was like a real date night!

Feb 26 – Sunday

I walked to Home Depot as my morning exercise. Returned to the boat and cleaned the mildew off the wood in the bedroom. Did laundry which took 4 hours and $12 for 2 loads. In the afternoon, I returned to the marina and worked on my website and blog. Luke worked on figuring out how to attach the “new to us” battery charger.

Ran into Barbara and Jorge, of Diadema. They were in the office because they finally got a mooring ball. They were going to have their first night no-see-um free and be able to stay on deck through sunset. They were ecstatic.

Barbara is an art quilter and has a studio setup in her boat. We compared current art projects. She is working on a sunset and is working out the details of how to do the clouds so they appear more round.

Feb 28 – Fat Tuesday

Let the Good Times Roll!  Mardi Gras in Boot Key Harbor.


More later… Brenda

sunset in the neighborhood

Sunset – Time for Conch Horns and Cocktails in the Neighborhood

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