Living Life in Island Time

My only excuse for not posting sooner is that we are just enjoying life in the keys. You might say we are on island time which means I will do this mañana man. Don’t worry be happy!

I have always enjoyed and benefited from a yoga practice. There is a yoga class at the community park Mon, Wed and Fri. I do my best to make it to all of these classes. Emily Hughes is our current instructor. She is amazing. Emily makes yoga a learning and inner thought provoking experience. Of all the things in Marathon that I will miss, Emily’s yoga classes will be missed the most.

Birds sm

Birds Over Nice Lady

March 1, Wednesday


Chores: Preparing for weekend storm and Laundry

March 2, Thursday

Luke and I rode our bikes a 6 mile round trip to buy 2 stainless nuts.

Then to Publix for groceries. Filled our tanks… water, fuel etc

March 3, Friday


Spent time in the cruiser’s lounge for downloading books and watching art videos with the WIFI.

Late in the afternoon the wind started to blow and blow. Hunkered down for a few days. Due to our position in the harbor the waves should not get big and we will be able to go to shore.

March 4-6

A few days of rest. Wind blowing 20 knots and sun is shining. We stayed on the boat. Luke read, I painted and read.

The cruisers are getting anxious to get out of Boot Key Harbor. Most are heading to the Bahamas or Cuba, but no one can leave until the wind calms down. We talk about where we are headed when we get our weather window.

Life continues to be good. In another week we will have been in the Keys for 1/2 have of our journey. Where has the time gone? It is time to move on.

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