The Coveted Mooring Ball

We finally made it! We are uptown in Boot Key Harbor on mooring ball S2 with over 250 other cruising  yachts. We are in a great location, close to the marina, dinghy docks AND (drum roll…) Showers! The basic essentials of life have become the joys of my life.

The photo is of Ozzy going for a dinghy ride. He LOVES the dinghy adventures. Miss that boy! He will be rejoining us when we head north up the east coast.


Boot Key Harbor Marina

Jan 25, Wednesday Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, FL

Moved to our mooring ball. We had a delightful 1/2 mile cruise. Hooked on the to ball without too much drama. Met our new neighbors and settled in.

Jan 26, Thursday

Water in the bilge. Hmmm where does this come from? Can not be from the engine. We will monitor. We dry the bilge and keep and eye out for more water.

Jan 27 – 30

Enjoying life.

Jan 31

More water in the bilge. Gallons and gallons of water forming a little stream as it flows in. Not good. Luke decides we need to pull the boat out of the water, let it dry out then fill the hull with water to find the leak. It cannot be the engine since there is no access from the engine compartment to the bilge. However, the water only seems to appear after the motor has been running. Hmmm…

Feb 1

Luke makes arrangements at a yard for this work. Since we cannot stay on the boat, I make places to go to Orlando and Luke will be staying with Diesel Don on Lady Trianna. Mr. Diesel will be helping Luke with this repair. The theory is that when the motor is running a crack is opening more to allow water intrusion. Hmmm…

While Luke was working with another repair person to get the generator going. I dried out the bilge again and keep an eye out for water. I found a very small leak and marked that. Later, Luke ran the engine so we could have hot water and water started streaming into the bilge. When he turned the engine off the water stopped.Hmmm… Ok, so according to Luke there is no way it is coming from the engine. I make arrangements for a rental car to go to Orlando.

Feb 2

We picked up the rental car today. I am looking forward to being with my twin sister for our birthday, Feb 4th. Also, very happy to be going to see Ozzy who is still temporarily living with Anita and Chuck.

Luke does some more checking into our bilge water issue. OH NO Mr. Bill! the water is coming from the engine!!! We have a leak in our heat exchanger that is spraying water on a wall that drains into the bilge. I am ecstatic that we can avoid pulling the boat out of the water for repairs, but crying because I want to go see my family and Ozzy. Boohoo Boohoo. ( I can be such a whiner). We decided that I should still go to Orlando. I still need to take care of taxes and insurance issues. So, Tra La La off to Orlando I go.

Luke and I picked up the rental car that evening and then went to Herbie’s for my birthday dinner. Later it was early to bed, very early to rise (2:00a). Dinghied to shore and hit the road at 3am to avoid Miami traffic. Sections of the turnpike through Miami are 10 lanes!!

Feb 3-11- Orlando

Arrived in Orlando. Had a great time with family.

Luke reported that the repairs on the boat were successful. No more leaks!!

Feb 11 – Saturday

Left Orlando at 2:40 am, passed through Miami at 7am, light traffic. Traffic was bumper to bumper going into the keys. I made it back to Marathon about 9am. We used the rental car to run some errands and then I returned it to the airport.

Feb 12-19

Enjoying life on a mooring ball. Must be 5 o’clock somewhere! Oh too bad my margarita days are over.

Monday, Carol and Todd Mason arrived. They drove all the way from Canada for a little sunshine and warm weather. They joined us on the boat for two days. We introduced them to marina life and that includes the SHOWERS! Carol and I took two showers in one day.

Tuesday we went sailing. Very light wind, but it was great to be out on the water with a cool breeze. Later Carol and I were in the marina and there was a huge manatee getting a drink of water from a dripping hose. It put forth quite an effort for about a ½ cup of water.img_7767

It is against the law to feed or give manatees water. I read that they do not need the water but it is like candy to a child, if they can get it they want it and will return to find it. This causes problems because they come to marinas that have heavy boat traffic and they can be fatally injured. It is impossible for them to get out of the way of a boat. Boaters must watch out for them and travel as slow as possible. Hmmm… ladies, when you ask your significant other to slow down do they? Always in a hurry, but not sure to where.

Wednesday, Carol and Todd left. I believe they enjoyed their stay. We certainly enjoyed their company. Their visit showed us that we can accommodate two visitors that are flexible and tolerant of early to bed, early to rise and marine toilets.

Feb 20, Monday – Presidents Day

Yoga! We have an amazing instructor, Emily Hughes

“Blessed are they that laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be entertained.”  -Chinese proverb

That’s all folks! See you real soon.  🙂




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