Front Row Seat

Living on a sailboat has given us a front row seat to the day. Each day we see the sunrise and sunset. We did not have that opportunity living in a house.

Facebook has also given all of us a front row seat to witness parts of each others lives… sometimes the things that others say or experience stick in our minds. Sherry Nicols, whom I have never met but is the wife of a FB friend called a sunrise a cotton candy sky. I now think of her and that term when I see the pastel pink and blue morning sky. Thanks Sherry.

Kindness and cooperation also come forward when living in the public view. As you move to/from anchorages or marinas, you receive assistance from others for your dock lines, locations of supplies and services, etc. Living in a house you can close your door and not need to reach out to others.

So far, our liveaboard experience has been better than expected. So, now if we could just get the boat organized… I may need to give up on this. When living aboard you are carrying everything you may need such as extra boat parts, tools, water, fuel, dinghy, bike, food, computers, dirty laundry, trash, books, blankets, coats, etc, etc. Unlike a house where everything has a place and can be put away, things are stowed on a boat. When you want something it must be retrieved thru layers of other things. Getting everything back to its position in the boat takes time and being a contortionist helps. I am developing great core muscles and balance just by cooking dinner.

Have a great day!



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