October ? – I have no idea what day it is

Our time is now based on the weather and the sun. Activities based on temperature and battery power or fuel requirements.

Saturday morning we were awakened by the arrival of about 15 bass boats all idling along side us. It was dark and about 5:30a. They were waiting for the start of a tournament. Soon the official called each of their names and they shot off like rockets into the dark.

Saturday afternoon, the community of White City had community picnic at the park. We were invited to have lunch. Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and the best peach cobbler I have ever eaten. Very nice people. It was great to see many children running around catching minnows, fishing and throwing rock in the water. Not one cell phone in sight, even with the adults. Family time supreme.

One little boy walked out on the dock and poked his head in the port hole. I scared him when I said, “Hi!”. He jumped back. A few minutes later he came back and wanted to know how I got in there.

We retired early due to cold weather. It was a chilly night but we made it through with a few extra blankets.

Sunday was very quiet. A few people fishing from the dock. We walked to the local country store and got some worms, buck urine, banana cake and ICE CREAM. We had ice cream cones for brunch! We had run out of desserts.

The worms are for our next stop at Saul’s Creek. We will be here until Thursday. I hope to catch a bass or some other edible fish. This site is very isolated with no docks and probably no beaches. The buck urine is an experiment – hoping to encourage our dog’s potty time and placement.

Oh No! The Worms are Escaping…Somehow the worms are escaping from a closed container. Really odd. We found one, but due to the trail of dirt we know that another did get out. Escape artists.

Monday afternoon. Arrived at Saul’s Creek. Wow! Beautiful spot. Anchored in the middle of the creek, surrounded by cypress swamp and palm trees. Did a little fishing, did not catch dinner so we had grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches.

Saul’s Creek is very remote, there have been two fishermen pass us all day. The night sky is amazing and the quietness unreal. If you want to be alone, REALLY alone, go to Saul’s Creek. Hunters and fishermen bring in small house boats and leave them tied up to the shoreline. You could live off of the grid with a couple of solar panels, water maker and small boat. The ultimate tiny house.  It is about 5 miles to Apalachicola by water.

Ozzy’s potty training was successful! Now we can do our 2 day Gulf crossing without worrying about him.  I am not sure the STINKY Buck Urine helped, it was probably just necessity that started things flowing.

Thursday we cruised to Apalachicola. After refueling and checking water levels our next job was to get to the grocery store to provision for our passage to Crystal River. We walked to the store with our back packs. Bought too much. Luke just had to have a gallon of milk, but we do need it for pudding. We stepped outside of the Piggly Wiggly and proceeded to move our groceries to our back packs and sacks. As we were doing this a couple from Wisconsin stopped and asked if we needed a ride.  Oh Happy Day! And Hallelujah! YES!!! We piled into their car. The lady sat on the tailgate since we had a 10 block trip and only room for two passengers. They were so nice and helpful. Unfortunately, Luke and I both forgot their names. It had been a long day already. (Nice couple – if you read this, please send me your names.)

Later, we picked up our general delivery mail (boat parts) and had a dozen oysters, Yum! Ozzy and I got a good long walk in to stretch out our legs from Saul’s Creek. Then showers and reading. The weather is perfect and folks around here are friendly.

We are still trying to get the boat organized and we are leaving items behind that we have decided will be of no use. No matter what you want to do or use, it is guaran-dam-teed to be buried at least 3 levels deep. This works well if you are dieting, since it takes a lot of work just to dig out the cookies or chips, by then you have forgotten what you were looking for in the first place. Luke and I are both loosing weight

My hair is an issue. Today I tried pig tails with 1/2 french braids along the sides. This worked very well. Stayed in place and out of my face and still looked decent at the end of the day. So, will I have the patience to do this every day.

The painting is from Saul’s Creek. It is one of the hunting/fishing house boats along the creek.

Next stop will be Crystal River. We hope to be there by Tuesday.

More next week.



Saul’s Creek Anchorage

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