Brenda Osborne


For this one I went back to the video and watched again. Man, it is amazing how much you miss when you think you know what someone told you. Our brains are stubborn and programmed from past experiences. Number 4 is missing, I did it just need to post.

Wow! I actually did something 3 days in a row! Here is my third apple. Leave it to me to not follow class instructions. So, I made this one back lit from above. Makes for interesting shadows coming forward and then the shadows reflect back up onto the apple. I never noticed the reflected shadows before. Very interesting. I also went hog-wild crazy and added some background. I am learning how to “see” shadows… Read More

I am taking an online class with Will Kemp, How to Draw Light and Shadow. Lesson one – draw and apple. I think I might draw an apple everyday and see what I come up with…could be fun. Maybe I will draw/paint a HUGE apple – I am absolutely positive that someone would love to have a 48×48 apple to hang on their wall, 🙂