No Wake, No More And More

Sunset at Shell Island

Our adventure continues…our stay in King’s Bay at Crystal River was very peaceful. It is a no wake zone so no fast boats or jet skis! Just calm waters and beautiful scenery with a few manatees.

Nov 8, Tuesday

After yesterday’s chores, I decided that today would be a day off to relax. I read and napped. Ozzy and I went exploring in the canals to see the springs and took a long walk. We saw a few manatees in the bay. Over all it was an enjoyable day.

Nov 9, Wednesday

Started the day with a cool morning and another beautiful sunrise over the bay. Listened to the water ripples hit the side of Nice Lady saying, it is time to get up and out! Coffee made and appreciated. It is going to be another wonderful day.

Yesterday’s walk with Ozzy lead me to a different laundromat on Citrus Avenue in an area with nice little shops and eateries. This one is in walking distance, maybe a ½ mile. I loaded up the sheets and towels in my very large back pack. Luke, Ozzy and I piled into the dinghy and headed into the public dock. Ozzy and Luke took a walk as I ambled down the road to do the laundry.

I was the only person in the laundromat and was able to pick the brain of the owner about local history and happenings. Very pleasant man and willing to assist his customers. His place of business was flooded during Hermine and he is still trying to recover. I wish him the best and so many customers that he cannot count.

Kim and Bonnie Heath came to Crystal River today. We met them at Crackers Restaurant, which has a decent dinghy dock. They skies were overcast and there was an occasional drizzle of rain, otherwise known as heavy humidity. With the exception of my foreign born husband, we are all native Floridians, probably by several generations. I mention that simply because heavy humidity is not something we concern ourselves over.

Kim’s family lived across the street from mine from the time we were born until we were in Jr High School. Kim and her sister Stacey were dancers. My sisters and I also danced. We all attended dance lessons at Gloria Norman’s School of Dance.  We danced in many recitals with glitter sparkling on our tap shoes and colorful tutus and dreams of one day being allowed to dance in toe shoes. Oh, toe shoes with the beautiful pink ribbons tied up your ankles.

Kim has always loved horses. We used to pretend we were horses and jump over obstacles we placed in the back yard. Running around for hours neighing and jumping. Fun stuff and no internet or video games required. We played outside until we were forced to come in. When it was hot, Kim’s mother would give us Kool Aid in little paper cups. At my house we drank out of the hose, but the water was good and cool.

Today, Kim continues her love of horses at their farm, Bonnie Heath Farm, which is centered around the Thoroughbred industry. Take a look and see where a childhood passion can lead you.

After a long lunch catching up with each other, Kim and Bonnie took us to Winn Dixie and graciously waited while we did some shopping for provisions. This saved me a trip on my bike.

Back at the boat with the groceries all stowed, now it is time to take Ozzy for his walk. We loaded up in the dinghy and went back to the public dock. We seem to be on the same schedule as a handicapped man in a wheelchair with his overly aggressive dog. That dog will escape from him one day. Yikes! We avoided them again and took a walk down to the historic shopping area just to get a little extra exercise for the boy. Since it was cloudy, nightfall was creeping up on us sooner than usual. Ooops! We do not have a light on the dinghy and need to get back to the boat. Just like cars with headlights, all boats must have running lights.

We made it back safely. Time to rest.

Nov 10, Thursday, noon

No Wake, No More – End of No Wake Zone. Oh my peaceful journey is being rocked, literally. Boats speeding by in a narrow channel going somewhere very fast.

We fueled up, topped off the water tanks and battened down the hatches for our short trip to Shell Island. Shell Island sits at the mouth of the Crystal River at the Gulf. We are moving back to Shell Island so we can leave at the crack of dawn Friday for Tarpon Springs.  We finally were able to plan our trip around the tides. The currents in the river are very fast so leaving on an outgoing tide helps to push the boat along.

Tomorrow the Gulf passage to Tarpon Springs is about 40 miles. We should be able to make it before dark. The winds should be out of the NE and NW with 0-2 ft seas. I hope the forecast is correct this time.





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