Campers Don’t Sink

Well, we are vagabonds once more. Life is good. We just sold our house and are living in our camper until our next home is found.

Currently, Luke is in Tennessee, 600 miles from me, Ozzy and the trailer. After returning from an evening walk, I noticed water running out of a small locked compartment just outside of the door. YIKES! Oh, but no problem, unlike a boat, campers don’t sink. It might fill with water but it won’t kill me. Phew!

Back to the existential threat. I quickly opened the door and found no water on the camper floor. Phew.

Next, check inside of all the cabinets, still no standing water. Hmmm… where is this coming from. With the help of the manuals, I found that the water was coming from the overflow from the fresh water tank. This is odd because we supposedly do not have any water in our tanks. When you hook up to water in the campground it bypasses the tank.

I checked the meters for all of my tanks. The fresh water tank is full. Really odd since it should be empty. I flipped on the water pump to pump some of the water out. The overflow leaking stopped. I also turned off the water coming in from the campground hook up. I monitored the overflow a few times over the evening and was satisfied that the problem had at least been mitigated.

This morning, I use the toilet, then go about my morning enjoying my coffee. An hour or so later I was preparing to take Ozzy out for his morning constitutional. YIKES! I noticed that the toilet was FULL of water. How could this be? The water is turned off and there was no water in the toilet when I woke up this morning. I absolutely have to get Ozzy out for his morning walk, so I gauge the speed the water is coming the toilet and calculate that I have at least 10 minutes before it overflows. We dash out the door and do a quicky.

Upon returning, I set out to figure out what is going on. I disconnected the campground water hose and found that the water still runs a bit even when totally turned off. Back to the manuals. Long story short… I have no clue what is causing this problem. It might be some combination of very high pressure from the campground faucet and a syphon/vacuum of some sort that would pull water into the toilet. My current solution is to disconnect the campground water, drain all faucets/shower and drain the water tank. Problem temporarily solved.

Ladies, know your campers and where all valves, shutoffs are located and how they work. I literally climbed under the trailer to find the drain for the water tank. It was not located where it was shown in the manual.

Always remember…Campers may flood but they do not sink and always have very good camper insurance.

Soon, I hope to have some paintings to post.

Bye for now. Dry in Florida

One Comment on “Campers Don’t Sink

  1. Do you have a pressure meter at the water intake valve from the campground water source?


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