Commission work

I find working on commission pieces extremely challenging. My normal process of choosing what I want to paint does not apply and more planning, analyzing and second guessing myself come into the process. Instead of just looking at a painting from my perspective, I try to think how someone else will view it. Then everything gets messy. I need to pull back and only look at my painting from my eyes/feelings/perspective/experience and stop trying to think how someone else will view something.

I am painting an anniversary present for a friend of a friend that I have never met which is a landscape of a place I have never been AND I do not have great photos. Thank God for the internet and Google Earth. I am trying to capture that newlywed feeling of Hope and Love.

I hope to finish this today. My challenge at this point is to not rework everything again and add the backlit highlights and shadows. Wish me luck. Since this is a surprise, I will not be posting images until much later.

2 Comments on “Commission work

  1. I wholeheartedly agree. The people who are buying and commissioning you are seeing and loving what YOU see and paint. When you change that perspective you change everything that is you. Give them You. I believe that is what they and for that matter all of us would want.


  2. Chuck, Thanks for the comment. I will keep that in mind. I did finish this piece and it is beautiful. It took about 10x longer than a normal painting. I will definitely carefully consider any future commissions, at least for now. There are some paintings that I want to do now that my slate is clear.


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