Preview of Forget Me Not Lake, Alberta

When we were in Canada a few years ago we visited Forget Me Not Lake. We had a picnic with Luke’s family. I was enamored with the color of this little lake. It was more turquoise than the waters of the gulf. I am trying to capture that color in this painting. Not finished yet. This one is a tester. I started using my rolled canvas, just cutting pieces and painting. This way I can easily store my test/experiment pieces and do not feel like I must “fix” a painting to be perfect due to the cost of the stretched canvas panel. Learn something and move on. I can stop at any point and start a new one.  If I really like something I can do another one. Of course, they are never the same.

So, I am free from concentrating on the final outcome and can enjoy the creative process. Creating what I like and not what I think someone else would like.


Current Location: Waterside Studios


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