New Lights, New Canvas, New Attitude!

Oh baby, I finally received my new studio lights. Who knew lights could give someone such a rush. I can now paint any time without the restriction of actually day light. My studio is not well lit but has great windows. When I was not working fulltime this was all I needed. Once I started working, I found my painting time restricted to weekend day light hours. My weekends also include fishing and sailing, so painting was getting squeezed.

When I first started painting, lighting did not matter. I had no idea how to mix colors or that I should. Let’s just say that made for some brightly colored pieces right out of the tube that were even brighter when I took them out of my deemly lit basement. I am still challenged by mixing colors, but at least I know that I should knock back the chroma a bit and work under good color lighting.

4:30 am – Getting in some painting before work.


(Anita P – this on is for you. Did not want you to think I never posted here.)

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